A couple of months back, I wrote a post on Nazia Iqbal, a singer from the North-West Frontier of Pakistan who is very popular in that area and in Afghanistan.  That was a more traditional example of Pashto music (if I’m not mistaken), and this is something a bit different.  Personally, I think it’s great that she’s branched out and is trying some kind of fusion, with a modern dance beat, etc.  (Actually, it sounds much more Punjabi to me - which would make sense, I guess, if it’s based on an Indian song, as the notes at YouTube say - called “Ek Pardesi Meri Dil Legaya”).  I also do appreciate her attempt at English.  (People are saying it isn’t very good(?), but from my perspective…I’m simply charmed by the accent.)

Judging by comments at YouTube, some Pashtuns are quite offended at her departure from their tradition, not to mention the dancing.  Personally, I think that’s really too bad (not that they would care about my opinion - I shudder to think what some of those same people would want to do to me, if they met me).  And actually, I’m very glad we all have a chance to hear and see such fine Pashtun singers.

Regarding, the dancers, I would agree on another point, that maybe they’re not so great, but I think they liven up a bit more in this video than in others that I’ve seen - though that also seems to offend some people more (oh well).

I do think it’s strange that Nazia Iqbal would want to fill her videos with dancers who aren’t nearly as pretty as she is.  But maybe those are just my standards.  (And I guess the dancers are a little younger – maybe that’s part of the reason?  Who knows…)

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed this one; I hope other people do too.

[P.S. Six months later, revisiting this post with a much more extensive Bollywood education...  Of course it's based on Ek Pardesi Meri Dil Legaya!  That makes it even more amusing…

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