I posted this without comment at first for the New Years surprise.  But I think most of my few readers were out partying for New Years at the time when they might normally look at this blog, so they’re going to see it late anyway.  Oh, well.  I do think this is just the perfect New Years video.  (I don’t understand a word that they’re singing, but she’s drunk off her ass as the clock strikes twelve…what esle could this be?)

The song is “Piya Tu Ab To Aaja” from the movie “Caravan.”  The dancer is Helen, the most popular and famous Bollywood “vamp” dancer of all time (and I can see why, though in my obsessive viewing of these clips over the past few months, I have developed  even more fondness for Jayshree T.).  You  can find a whole bunch of nice posts of Helen – and more than a few words about her – over at Bollywood Food Club.  

As for the song itself, I think it’s great (thanks to Asha Bhosle and R.D. Burman).  And the dancing is out of this world.    


P.S.  Checking Wikipedia, I see that this is “the story is of a runaway girl who joins a traveling Caravan of gypsies.”  So we can fit it into the gypsy theme as well…

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