Aslo featured in this clip – for the song “Andelaravamidi Padamulada” – are co-star Venkatesh and Sharon Lowen, who plays herself (i.e., a woman who graduated from the University of Michigan in 1973, went to India, and became one of the world’s foremost artists in several styles of Indian classical dance).  Sharon Lowen’s part in this film is the most unusual feature as well as the most amusing.  The rest of the movie, at least in terms of plot and substance, is pretty conventional and predictable.  However, it is still a charming movie, and I did like the very end of the scene here, where Bhanupriya’s character, Meenakshi, says something about the power of art, and being devoted to an art, that we just don’t hear much these days, anywhere.  This is the best scene, and Bhanupriya’s dancing is a joy to watch.  (That’s probably the best thing about this movie – and there is plenty of it, since she plays a young classical dancer facing a few challenges in life.  The second best thing is the music by Ilaiyaraaja.  I believe the impressive male playback singer here is Balasubramaniam S.P.  There are three female playback singers in this movie, K.S. Chitra, Vani Jairam, and S. Janaki; as far as I know, any of them might be singing here.)

By the way, I got to watch the whole movie YouTube, with English subtitles, thanks to Minaiminai.


P.S.  Directed by K. Vishwanath, who also wrote the story and screenplay; dialogue by Sainath.

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