This is the first movie ever in which Padmini was the heroine.  (And who knows why it says “1957″ at the beginning of the video – maybe it’s a typo; this was made in 1951.)   This has been an incredible week for YouTube archaeological finds.  Hopefully, since it’s iStream, with all the ads and crap, it will stay up.  The song, “Ellam Inba Mayam” (with a famous duet by singers MLV and P. Leela) is quite beautiful, too.  The other woman in the clip is probably Lalitha, the third Travancore Sister, who acted in only a few films back in the 1950s.
P.S.  By the way, this movie was made the same year as Bahar, which was Vyjayanthimala’s first Hindi movie.  Bahar is also a film that many people mistakenly say featured Padmini.  (And many movie sites, like IMDb, just reiterate this claim.)  As I discussed in this post, that “Padmini” was Pandari Bai.  With this clip, you can see what the real Padmini looked like that year.  And she does look a little different from the way she looks in all those movies that she made later, because she is so young and skinny here.  But she doesn’t look that different…

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