(Great stuff from Naya Daur.  Some lines from subs seen on the DVD:  “Hard work is our lot, so why get scared to do it?  Yesterday it was for others, today it is for ourselves…  Our destination is one and our path too…  So lend a helping hand.  One will tire easily, so join hands and share the load…  Each and every drop of water goes on to make an ocean…  If all men unite, they can make their own fortune.  So give a helping hand, friend…”)

(Get together with all your poor and homeless friends and camp outside a rich man’s mansion.  Make a lot of noise, keeping him up all night, until the police come swarming in.  Now, that sounds like a fun thing to do for May Day (until you get arrested…).   And, by the way, Shree 420 is a classic popular socialist movie.  It was the first Hindi movie I fell for in a big way, and I still truly love it.)

(A beautiful picture of the people working the land…  And the beginning of an ordeal for Balraj Sahni’s character, as he must leave his home for the vague, not-too-promising chance of finding paid work in the big city, which he needs in order to pay off a trumped up debt and save his land from getting confiscated.  I saw part of the movie on Veoh; unfortunately, my Veoh player stopped working.  I’ll have to find this movie somewhere and finish watching it, because it was very good.  I like this scene a lot – it’s beautiful to listen to as well as see, thanks especially to Manna Dey’s singing (though Lata is good here too, as always) and the music composer, Salil Chowdhury (who also was one of the writers of the movie).  I’d like to hear more of Chowdhury, the great communist composer from West Bengal.)

 (Everybody should know by now that I have a fascination with those communists from Kerala… This movie was made in 1970, but it was based on a play from 1952. I wrote more about it here.  I haven’t seen the whole movie, but I think I know what’s going on in this scene:  a  communist student gathering!  This is a very uplifting clip, a nice thing to watch on May Day.)

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