Apologies to any Dilip or Meena fans who might be offended…  I love Dilip and (especially) Meena too.   But there are a few films to see them together in, even another light-hearted film, Kohinoor, which is far better too (more cohesive, more involving, etc. – as Antarra correctly pointed out a few months ago).  But how many films give a real role to Sai-Subbulaxmi (or Sayee & Subbulakshmi, etc.)?  They are real characters in this film, hanging around here and there (and being very cute) before they do their fantastic dances.  

They were the original reason I wanted to find this movie too, but I thought maybe my focus would change once I saw the whole film, especially since I had become more aware of the Dilip-Meena duo.   But no, that didn’t change; I still like this film mainly for Sai-Subbulaxmi.


P.S.  As I’ve said when I’ve talked about these scenes before (long before I had a chance to see the movie), there are also nice Tamil versions of their dances up on YouTube.  The Tamil versions are the first ones, actually.  Malaikallan came out a year earlier, starring MGR and P. Bhanumathi.  I wonder…  If I watched Malaikallan, would I still feel that the real stars were Sai-Subbulaxmi?

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