This isn’t usually the blog where you’ll see Bollywood fashion comments (there are other places for that).  However, I thought I’d delve a little into this area for a moment…

A brief discussion occurred earlier about how Meena Kumari rode horses at the beginning of Azaad (but for some reason, never did in the film later on)… And I said that for some reason, I thought Vyjayanthimala was more convincing in her horseback riding roles.  Now I realize that the main reason I had that impression was because of her tendency in the early movies to wear big horseback riding pants.  Although I suspect that this was also a popular fashion at the time…

Her first appearance in the big horseback riding pants was in Bahar

Then Vyjayanthi wore the great pants again in the opening scene of Sangham (1953) (as well as in the other versions of this movie, Ladki and Penn), which begins with her actually riding a horse (though unfortunately, you’re going to have to get through three minutes of mostly Telugu credits before seeing that):

Now, when Vyjayanthimala wore the big horseback riding pants, I think that was supposed to have a cute-little-girl kind of effect (because, basically, at the time, she was a cute little girl).

But the big horseback riding pants can also be worn to entirely different effect (and by the way, despite the first picture you see here, I am not referring to Dilip Kumar):

In my opinion, nobody could match Nadira in big horseback riding pants!
P.S.  Beautiful singing by Shamshad Begum through much of the above (though that’s P. Susheela in Sangham).  Beautiful singing by Mohammed Rafi (in addition to Shamshad Begum) in Aan.  Nice music by S.D. Burman in Bahar and S. Rajeswara Rao in Sangham, but really wonderful music by Naushad in Aan.  (Very soon, I will have to see Aan!)

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