14 comments on “Happy Birthday, Vyjayanthimala!

  1. I didn’t know it was her birthday today! Happy birthday, Vyjyanthimala – and may I be able to unearth some more of your more obscure films…

    Richard, thank you for those clips – lovely songs, and she is just soooo beautiful.

  2. You’re welcome, Dustedoff.

    I guess these are some of her more obscure films(?)…

    Admittedly, I didn’t feel like posting the scenes that most people who know about this stuff already know. :) On the other hand, three of the film clips above are from movies that I saw and enjoyed (especially Kath Putli, which, as I’ve already said, could be my favorite of her films), and I still haven’t seen some of her more famous movies :) . (Gunga Jumna is the only one of the above that I haven’t seen yet – but I love the scenes on YouTube – they’re so colorful!)

  3. Thanks for the selections on Vyajyanthimala.In fact she has to her credit a number of Silver jubilees with Dilip Kumar – Gunga Jumna,Leader,Sunghursh,Naya Daur.
    Gunga Jumna produced by Dilip Kumar himself is a favorite of mine with a racy story line accompanied by excellent compositions by Naushad drawing from the folk music of North India.The film was processed in Technicolor at London at that time.
    ‘Kathputli’ no doubt has heart touching melodies heightened by equally good performances by Balraj Sahni and Vyajyanthimala.

  4. You’re welcome, Veda. I will have to see Gunga Jumna sometime.

    Naya Daur is a great film, but it’s not the best one for spotlighting Vyjayanthimala and her dancing skills; I always thought of it as more of a Dilip Kumar film. :)

    Sunghursh is good, especially for the performances. (Vyjayanthimala, Dilip Kumar and Balraj Sahni – how can you go wrong?)

    Unfortunately, I found Leader to be unwatchable (and turned it off within half an hour), although I have enjoyed listening to the soundtrack a number of times.

    I really must see Gunga Jumna sometime. Some reviewers and bloggers didn’t like it, but I think that I would, based on what I’ve seen and heard.

    I understand that Vyjayanthimala had quite a falling out with Dilip Kumar – they spent a number of years not speaking to each other. But she said in an interview I saw from a couple of years ago that all is forgiven now. :)

  5. Lovely selection of Vyjayanthi dances – what a dancer! I have Kathputli in my to-watch pile and will check it out in honor of her birthday (a bit late – but then I am always late with b’days of people I know in real life, too!) and get some required dose of Balraj Sahni and Kamla, as well!

  6. I agree Leader was a pain to sit through. As I mentioned in my review, it was so completely full of ‘What the-!’ `Why the-!’ and `How the-!’ moments that I was pretty shell-shocked by the end of it. It’s a crazy film, though (as you say), the music’s good.

    I’m not a fan of Ganga Jumna either: it’s got superb music and the basic plot – the battle between good and bad (not sure which is which, though), the law and the outlaw – is good, but I didn’t really like it much. Like bollyviewer, I too have Kathputli on my to-watch list: must move it up to the top of the queue!

  7. Bollyviewer, glad to hear that you will check out Kath Putli in honor of Vyjayanthimala’s birthday. And I like that “required doses” idea – everybody should have required doses of Balraj and Kamala!

    Dustedoff, I remember agreeing with your review of Leader… It was good to have my opinion confirmed that something was not right with that film! :)

    I am looking forward to seeing what both of you have to say about Kath Putli.

  8. Quite an interesting discussions on ‘Leader’ and ‘Gunga Jumna’.
    ‘Leader’ was a break from the image of ‘tragedy king’ that Dilip Kumar personified in the lines of his comic and frothy roles as in ‘Kohinoor’ and ‘Aan’.
    ‘Gunga Jumna’ which was a huge commercial success had all the elements that charachterised ‘masala’ movies of Bollywood.Directed by Nitin Bose,though not critically acclaimed was certainly a mass entertainer.

  9. Veda, I guess we could add Azaad to that list of light Dilip Kumar films too?

    I loved Kohinoor. Aan was a bit inconsistent, but it had a lot of interesting things going for it. I didn’t like Azaad quite as much, but it had some great songs and dances. I just couldn’t get into Leader. So…similar in moods but maybe differing in quality?

    I can’t answer re. the Gunga Jumna as masala, etc., comment since I haven’t seen it. Maybe someone else would like to reflect on that (or maybe not :)…

  10. Rightly so. ‘Azad’ saw Dilip Kumar in a lighter vein, which was a roaring success.The movie originally made in Tamil with the legendary M.G.Ramchandran in the lead and dialogues by Karunanidhi,the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was also remade in Telugu,Malyalam,Kannada and Sinhalese by S.M.S.Naidu, producer and director of this movie.
    Of course every version was a success.
    The Hindi version is also remembered for its fabulous compositions by C.Ramchandra.All the nine songs in the movie are a treat for the listeners.

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  12. Happy birthday vyjayanthimala.. wenever i saw her, i feel she has come from heaven.. such was her sparkling beauty..undescrible. No women in this world can be compared with her.. she stands unique,perfect & ever glorious. To talk of dance.. she was d embodiment of dance & also gifted with a sweet voice..
    . Glory to d most beautiful women

  13. Pavan, thank you for your comment on my August 13, 2009 post celebrating Vyjayanthimala’s birthday. Now that I’ve gone to this old post, I see that I will have to replace a couple of clips. I should keep my previous Vyjayanthimala birthday posts in working order, especially since I neglected to do one in 2011.

    I understand the feelings that you expressed, as I have had them for different artists at different times. A few years ago, I called Vyjayanthimala my second-favorite dancer-actress, next to Padmini. Now some others have also surpassed her on my list in both areas (e.g., Kamala Lakshman for dancing), but I do still greatly enjoy watching Vyjayanthimala, and she is definitely still “up there” as a dancer and a screen presence.

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