Beautiful-sounding song composed by Pandit Amarnath; beautiful scene also.  It is my impression at this point that Hindi films from the 1940s generally did not convey an unrealistically cheerful view of life. 

I found this song posted at one of the YouTube sites that I subscribe to, a couple of days ago.  Coincidentally, a debate had started in a prior post regarding whether S.D. Batish or G.M. Durrani was the male singer in the Shamshad Begum-led song “Pagdee Pahan Ke…” from Madhosh (1951).  I held onto the clip because I thought the debate might be settled soon and then I would have something else definitive to add (or definitely not to add), but it doesn’t seem to have been fully settled at this point.  (I have to say, there is something satisfying about the fact that a question I raised on this blog regarding one particular song has inspired so much debate.  Of course, I am not as qualified in knowledge or background as either of the debaters, so I am keeping somewhat neutral here, but I am following this closely.)  Also it was nice to discover S.D. Batish and to hear a little more about G.M. Durrani, whose voice I did very much enjoy in a duet that he sang with Noor Jehan in one of the songs from Mirza Sahiban.  I have generally neglected male singers and dancers on this blog, and it is time I paid more attention to some of them.  I do know a little about some of the female singers from the ’40s, and I get the impression that female stars and singers got much more attention in that decade.  But I like both the male and female singers from the ’40s, a decade which contained some beautiful music.  In fact, the 1940s are becoming my favorite decade for Hindi film music.  The ’50s may have had more great dance scenes and better movies in general, but most of the music I’m listening to lately is Hindi film music from the 1940s or the first couple of years of the ’50s.  (And as I’ve said  before, isn’t it ironic, considering that I once prided myself on my knowledge of the contemporary global music scene?  Though contemporaries have remixed 1940s film music quite a few times lately, as I have discovered.  I have been thinking of doing a post of less-than-stellar remixes of ’40s and early ’50s songs – but haven’t been able to bring myself to put those clips on this blog as yet, since the originals are so much better.)

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