This isn’t Little India, it’s about a dozen blocks away, much closer to my present house (where my neighbors play salsa more than anything else)… And it’s just the regular old deli I stop in to get soda late at night. I had just taken the bus home, and I’d been listening on my headphones to the Madhosh soundtrack. So then I walked into this regular old deli and I heard young Lata’s voice again, very loud and clear. It was very disorienting… I hadn’t looked at the TV yet when the guy was ringing up the soda (the screen was behind me) and so I asked him “What film is that?” And then I knew in a second but at the same time he told me “Barsaat,” and then he started to explain that Barsaat was an old, classic Indian film and I was saying, “I know, I know,” but he went on explaining a little because, you know, I’m just a white guy (sigh)… [Note a couple of hours later: OK, I was just being funny here. There was nothing frustrating about this exchange. It wasn't like those experiences in my sem-famous Tales of Two White Men post. And I'm looking forward to getting Diet Pepsi there again soon, so I can see what the next cinema treat will be. I'll just have to make sure to go in at about 1 am - and I'll be sure to report afterwards.]

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