Some people may have already noticed the comment that appeared last night on one of my old posts about the dance duo Sai-Subbulaxmi.  Madhuram Babai wrote:

APLAM SAPLAM dancer sai of sai-subbulaxmi combo died on 26 JAN 2010 due to breast cancer.   She is my sister-in-law.  She is survived by a son Rakshagan, daughter-in-law and two grand daughters.

Madhuram, thank you once again for writing in to tell us about the sad death of Sai, of the wonderful dance team, Sai-Subbulaxmi. 

As I’ve said before, it has been difficult to find information about them…  They did some of the greatest dances that appeared on film between the mid ’50s and mid ’60s, and they deserve to be well remembered.

RIP, Sai.

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