In one of the Sitara Devi scenes from Roti that I posted the other day, there was a brief glimpse of another woman whose talents might encourage some people to say “Wow!” Her name is Begum Akhtar aka Akhtari Bai Faizabadi. Here are some more glimpses of Begum Akhtar acting in Roti (along with Sitara Devi, etc.):

It is unfortunate that I could not find any clips of her singing in Roti (from the frequency of “terms of use violation” notices, it seems the copyright police have been keeping a close eye on those). But this is an audio clip of one of the ghazals she sings in the film:

There is one film that I did see her sing in, and it was very enjoyable, like every other performance in this beautiful film. The film is Satyajit Ray’s Jalsaghar (The Music Room):

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