Taking a risk here by actually posting something contemporary. Though I had to think about this for a while also (and I did post some of their videos somewhere else)…but I promise I won’t do this too often (I am not returning this blog to its infancy)… Besides, Laal aren’t like most contemporary rock bands…  Granted, this isn’t a heavenly experience like listening to Golden Age Noor Jehan, but they’re pretty good for a rock band and they cover some of the same poets, too. In fact, I first discovered them more than a year ago when I was searching for more renditions of poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. And I’ve been quite fond of them ever since…

P.S. I saw somewhere that their fans include Ranbir Kapoor. That’s interesting… If you brought young Raj over here in a time warp, I bet would like them too . (Although they seem now to be empasizing a little less of the communism, more of the Sufism. That’s fine with me too, because as I’ve said, I’m fond of Sufis, especially in poetry and music. I am an agnostic with Jewish ancestry who might want to become a Sufi one day.)

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