(I have just thrown some favorites together; some appeared here sometime before (though I think in some cases, I have just posted newer, better copies than before). Originally, I had a larger batch with quite a few of the ’50s Pakistani film songs, but I wanted to do a smaller post with songs that nicely fit together, which also were among my favorites. I realize now that all but one fit within a three-year period. Oh, but what a period that was! And I’ve covered a much wider range elsewhere, of course…)

P.S.   The picture on the second audio clip, which I put together myself, might look familiar to some people because you probably saw it on another blog.

P.P.S.  Close to a day after I posted the clips above, I was looking at more Noor Jehan clips, and I stumbled upon a British television interview with her that I posted from close to two years ago.  Watching it again, I enjoyed it at least as much as the first time, if not more.  This is the interview that made me a big fan of Noor Jehan the person as well as the singer and actress.  Of course, it could have been different actually knowing her personally; who knows if I would have liked her?  (And not everybody has had the kindest things to say about her personality.)   But I very much liked what she had to say, and I was impressed by the person presented here.  Other interviews have not had that effect on me.  For instance, a couple of interviews with Vyjayanthimala (combined with some knowledge of her political adventures) actually helped to make me less of a fan, and I had to say to myself, I’m not going to let this get in the way of my appreciation of her dancing and her film presence.  (Though it might have – she is not quite as high on my list as she used to be.)   But this Noor Jehan interview definitely increased my then-already-high opinion of her.  Plus, it includes some great old film songs with very good subtitles added.

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