Here’s an odd quote:

“We have distanced ourselves from politics long ago,” said former Staff Maj. Gen. Hossam Sewilam, who once headed the Armed Forces Strategic Research Center. “If they elect Fifi Abdou” — a famed Egyptian belly-dancer — “or (Gamal) Mubarak, they are free. It’s not our business.”

(From an October 2007 post at Foreign Policy, Quotable:  Even Fifi Abdou would do. )

Not sure what to make of that quote, especially in the present context. (And is the idea really that outlandish? If Indians could elect Jayalalitha, why couldn’t the Egyptians have elected Fifi Abdou?). Anyway… This is one of my favorite Fifi scenes.  Rise up, Egypt!

Going back into the Golden Era (yes, everybody’s had a Golden Age or Era – everybody’s had better times than they’re having now)… I really like this next scene for the atmosphere, the beautiful clothes and adornments (gorgeous nose rings!), that precocious child Fairuz, and, of course, the great belly dancer Taheya Carioca.

This next one is a charming, earthy domestic bit… The actress-dancer is Nadia Lutfi.

This is the greatest dancer of all, Samia Gamal, in something a bit different from her usual – more toned down, modest attire, also an earthy kind of scene… And very, very charming.

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