If readers don’t mind another sudden lurch to the present (and to the northern part of the Subcontinent)…  I’ve been “discovering” Tina Sani for the past couple of days.  She’s actually been performing for over 25 years, but I’m finding that I am more impressed by the older Tina Sani (that is, newer Tina Sani) than by the younger one.  And that applies to watching as well as listening…

Tina Sani is best known for singing the poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz…  And judging by these performances, I can certainy see why.  Of course, I am “Urdu challenged,” but I have taken a few looks at  translations of two of the poems below (i.e., the first one and the third one), and I find her voice alone to be very moving, whether or not I know the meanings of the words.  She also puts on a good performance visually – she’s very expressive, conveying a lot of emotional involvement in these songs.

I was quite moved by the first performance below, of Faiz’s poem about exile, Mere Dil Mere Musafir.   The second poem performed below (apparently in the same place)  is one I don’t really know, but I’ve learned from the comments that  it was a tribute to the Urdu poet Makhdoom Mohiuddin, who was a revolutionary Marxist involved in the mid 1940s Telengana rebellion in Hyderabad state.   (Mohiuddin’s poems were also sung in some films…  There is actually a poem written by him with the same title that was featured in a film, but it is a different poem from the one below.)  The third performance is of Hum Dekhenge, everybody’s favorite poem about toppling kings and tyrants and ending oppression.  That one was performed at a Faiz Centennial celebration in India this past February.  (By the way, Sani has been active in benefits, etc., that aim to promote peace between India and Pakistan.)

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