This is a song from Footpath (1953) that I’ve watched a few times tonight.  I knew of a few other songs from this film (it’s one of the reasons for the name of this blog), though I still haven’t had a chance to watch the whole movie, assuming I ever will…  But for some reason, I didn’t know about, or didn’t remember, this song.  And it is a good one!  I did a little reading up on it, and I’ve learned that this was Asha Bhosle’s very first cabaret number.  I am also learning a little more about the music director, Khayyam, who is a very interesting person.  But I could not find anyone positively identifying the dancer…  (Yes, I know that is somebody I should recognize but for some reason just am not here…)  Anyway, this one gets a place in my list of favorite black-and-white cabaret numbers, which I’m going to have to post sometime soon.

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