A couple of posts ago, when I put up some songs of Suraiya singing for Mehtab, some people thanked me for the chance to glimpse this actress who would become the wife of the legendary Sohrab Modi. And I also thought it was nice to find clips of Mehtab, who was quite a charming screen presence in her own right, as a few people also pointed out. But I knew I’d seen her in some other songs somewhere… And this is where: She was in Vishwas (1943), paired up with Surendra. This time, at least from the information I got in one place, her singing voice was Parul Ghosh. In some places, it says that Mehtab was singing for herself, but I am inclined to disbelieve that and go with the idea that it was always Parul Ghosh. On the other hand, I am absolutely certain that Surendra sang for himself – I would recognize that voice anywhere! By the way, Vishwas was the first film for music director Feroze Nizami, who would move on to be be MD for Jugnu, Chann Vay, and Dupatta, all major films for Madam Noor Jehan (though not with Surendra – that combination would happen elsewhere, of course).

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