I posted a version of this song with lyrics translated into English (along with the actual film clip) over two and a half years ago, and it started a nice discussion.  But, of course, the clips disappeared.   Fortunately, now I have found this clever video of the Hindi words and English translation both appearing on the screen.  It’s done in a funny way, and since I have recently been learning some Devanagari, at first glance, I actually thought that the Hindi words were written in Devanagari.  But, of course, that is not the case. That’s cute, and I also like the way the pics are floating around.  I’m not crazy about the hipster company URL, or whatever that is.  But overall, it’s still worthwhile… And there is a note at the end, showing exactly when Meena lived, reminding us that this is her 40th death anniversary… Which is why I’ve been indulging in Meena mania the past couple of days.

I’ve said elsewhere that Meena Kumari is my favorite actress just for being an actress.  I know she danced a little and wasn’t so bad at it back in the day (and she also sang too, a long time ago), but I do have one favorite actress who is a favorite mostly for her dancing as well as one who is a favorite for her singing voice (or maybe two who are favorites mostly for their singing voices)…  While Meena Kumari is just a favorite for the things that most people look for in an actress – she was such a good actress!  And such a beauty, too (which is why she goes above Nargis on my list, though Nargis was also very good – sorry…).  I’m not sure I understand the Meena Kumari of real life, but that’s another matter, and whether or not I try to ponder her tragic decline, it will make no difference in my admiration of her for her presence on the screen.  (Plus, I would like to see more of her poetry, which is something else very interesting that she did.)

So, in memory of the great Meena Kumari:

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