There are a lot of clips on YouTube right now from the film Nek Parveen (1946), which looks like a very nicely done Muslim social.  The director is S.M. Yusuf, and the music director is the great Feroze Nizami.  I would love to find this film somewhere (with subtitles!), and I like all of the scenes that I’ve seen, but for now, I thought I would pick out just two, showing piety and sin (so I gather).

For piety, the song is “Teri Jaat Pak Hai Aye,” which is a famous hamd (there is some nice info about this in a Facebook post by Cineplot).  And the piety is most represented by a young Rehana (of all people), who is positively stunning here.  The other actress who is “singing” (from the audience) is the one whom I like to refer to as “the other Ragini” (though actually, this was the first Ragini).  The  playback singer for both is Hamida Banu.

(You can also try this clip if you would like slightly better sound with a less clear picture.)

And here’s a scene that I guess would be sin – a very fun mujra.  The main singer is Naseem Akhter, and at least judging by one credit that I saw, the male singer might be Feroze Nizami, himself.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to identify most of the people in this (yet), although I think I recognize Ulhas.   The song is “Haye Zalim Tune Pee Hi.”

(And go here for an audio version that is slightly better, though scratchy.)

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