Many thanks to Minai for passing the word along.  Go to her blog to get more information about getting (to) this.  After viewing it once when I could not give it the attention that it fully deserved, I am going to have to watch it again or maybe a couple more times. Nonetheless, in a few places, it was very visually riveting for me.  This copy has no subtitles, so I couldn’t really follow the plot (unfortunately, I’ve forgotten much of the little Hindi that I learned last year and so I am going to have to relearn!).  However, much of the time, it seemed that the plot was beside the point.  Most of the movie is enjoyable for the great visual feast, with often elaborate, extremely imaginative and/or surreal sets, fantastic costumes, and lots and lots and lots of exciting dance.  And, of course, a very young Padmini. (I think I also recognized the debut of Usha Kiran.  But I’ll have to double-check; I don’t really know that actress as well, nor was I looking for her as much. But I have enjoyed her performances before – or, rather, after…)  Actually, I think as soon as I have a couple or few hours, I will look at it again.
New Information: Doing some searching tonight, I found that it is scheduled to be shown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music at the end of February.  I might have to work evenings in February and I might have to move around the end of the month (if not sooner – though I am not sure where, but that’s another problem)…  Nonetheless, I might take the evening off and do whatever else I need to do in order to see this film on the screen, with subtitles and everything.

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