I found the Pakistani singer Zubaida Khanum by following some of my favorite stars of ’40s films from India. She did singing in quite a few Noor Jehan films, and she also did playback for Swaran Lata (of Ratan fame), Rehana, and the “Lara Lappa girl,” Meena Shorey.

I may have said in my last post that Zubaida Khanum was no match for Noor Jehan, but that’s not a fair contest. Zubaida was a fine singer in her own right.

For my list, I have included only solo songs, but as a bonus, I added a duet that I just found, a women’s qawwali led by Zubaida singing with Iqbal Bano. I also love the duet that I included in the last post, but we can call that a Noor Jehan song and let Zubaida shine here without being overshadowed.

Here’s to Zubaida Khanum!


P.S. I briefly posted this as a seven-song list, but that wasn’t enough, and the list wasn’t quite right. I came up with a better list after doing some research of old posts and comments. Comments from Mr. Jinx were especially helpful!

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