I can’t believe it’s almost four years since I wrote up Dupatta. I am kind of proud of that review, as it contains a complete plot summary (which is a rare thing on this blog – especially these days), plus, some people have said it is a well written review. Additionally, it contains clips of a few magnificent songs as well as some screen caps that I took extra time to select and format.

Regarding the song clips, most of them are fairly watchable (relatively speaking), but the only clip that I could find of the charming song at the beginning, “Nach Jia Re” (with the lively spring dance that surrounds it) was in positively awful shape. But thank goodness Tom Daniel aka Tommydan333 (and other nos.) has finally “discovered” Noor Jehan (though clearly, as he admits himself, he could have discovered her a few years sooner if only he’d “listened” to me)… Because, he has decided to work with a few great Noor Jehan films, including Dupatta!

Of course, Tom has posted clips that are more clear than others that can be found out there and are logo-free, too. So, I might replace most or all of the clips in my writeup with Tom’s new versions (and hope that they don’t get stricken down). But with so many other things going on, I will have to decide how much to do and when. (I know, excuses, excuses…) In the meantime, I am certain I want to replace “Nach Jia Re.” Here is Tom’s new version, which will also go into my April 14, 20009 review.

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