I have removed the “Filmi Favorites” page from public viewing and put it into draft mode, because I have decided that I want to make some fairly significant revisions, such as . . .

Pushing the dates back more. I have been doing this continually since I started the page, as my fondness for the Vintage era has grown. I am thinking now that instead of 1944-1964, I will make the two-decade period more even; i.e., from 1940 to 1960. I could actually include some more favorites if I made it 1938-1958, but that would be more complicated, and 1940-1960 looks neater.

By the way, when I move the dates further back, this will enable me to include Kanan Devi, who will rank as my third-favorite female singer, just behind Noor and Lata (respectively). I will also be able to include a few other films in my favorite soundtracks list.

Regarding that soundtracks list, I also might add a little information in parentheses. At present, I have each film listed with its music director, but to be honest about it, the only time when the music director plays such a dominant role in determining whether a soundtrack will be one of my favorites is when his name happens to be Naushad. More often, the starring singer is at least as important (especially when her name happens to be Noor Jehan).

I am also going to make the list more specific to “Hindi and Urdu films.” This won’t change the list much (it will mainly be a change in labeling), because there presently is only one film left on the list that was made in another language (i.e., Uthama Puthiran). This might be disappointing to the people who have credited me with covering South Indian cinema a lot in the past. But my knowledge of South Indian cinema really is based mostly on dance, and when it comes to blogging about South Indian dance in cinema, Minai has far surpassed me at this point. I also have studied a little Hindi and Urdu in the past couple of years (albeit with questionable success), so I have another reason for limiting the list to those languages. But most importantly, it would be much more difficult to make a “Filmi Favorites” list that accurately represented other Indian languages. (Think of how complicated it might get if I were to seriously consider Bengali and Punjabi!)

By the way, I appear to have some extra time in the next 10 days, before I move to a new city and a new job. So, I shouldn’t have much of a problem completing the list before then. I might even do it much sooner, if I don’t feel compelled to take some temp work or to leave the apartment and enjoy the May sunshine.

So . . . stay tuned!

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