This time, I timed it just right. This weekend is the 761st celebration of the Urs of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. And this time around, as a departure from the usual trend here, I have decided to post relatively contemporary performances (though still including some of the classic voices). A little later on, today or tomorrow, I will add links to the great old versions that I have posted in the past (not only versions of THE song but also other fine takes on the Qalendri Dhamal).

P.S. And now, as promised, getting back to this just a little later, here are some of those links to my other posts on songs about the red-robed one and/or all the fantastic festivities related to him:

My slightly belated Urs post from last year, which includes a video that somewhat explains what this is all about.

My June 2012 Shazia Khushk post that includes another of her perfomances of “Lal Meri Pat” as well as another Qalendri Dhamal video of hers that features some very nice footage of the Urs festival.

My October 2011 Runa Laila post, which includes a video for “Lal Meri Pat” that provides an on-screen translation of the lyrics in English as well as an on-screen transcription in Devanagari.

My post from May 2011, There’s Nothing Like a Good Qalendri Dhamal, which consists entirely of songs sung by Noor Jehan in old black-and-white films. (As you might guess, I think that one’s my favorite. But it’s not only just because of the Noor Jehan clips in the main post… The comments section to this one includes suggestions and exchanges of quite a few other versions of THE song…and some other good stuff, too.)

And I know I have done more, but it could take a lot of work to find them. In any event, I think there is plenty here as it is. And there will certainly be plenty more, hopefully for many Urs to come.

P.P.S. A note about spelling… I think the “Qalendri Dhamal” could just as well be the “Qalandar Dhamal”; it’s the same thing. My spelling just happens to reflect whatever I saw at different times. It’s the usual confusing situation surrounding transliteration…

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