5 comments on “Songs from Amar Bhupali (1951)

  1. I enjoyed these, especially the poignant and painful “Sajna.” I feel like I should be tired of tear-filled courtesan laments by now, but they never fail to draw me in.

    “Ghadi ghadi Arey” also stood out to me–as did the first smoky but short rendition of “Ananda Kanda.”

    Also, the opening of “Latpat latpat” with the visual of the arms clapping from around the pillars, and the drunken-ish surprise by the men in the audience was hilarious.

    Plus, I’m always a fan of crazy beds in the shape of swans or other creatures . . . so the reprise of Ananda Kanda was also worth seeing.

  2. Richard,
    Kya baat hai! I was aware of ‘Ghanshaym sundara’ from this film. Probably best in ‘Bhopali’ in Hindi/Marathi films together. But the first song ‘Tujya pritiche’ sounds equally good. Thanks for introducing the movie and its other songs.

  3. Miranda, thank you for all of your interesting thoughts on these songs, and I am glad that you liked them so much. I wanted to answer with just as much detail, but I would have had to let even more time go by, and I have already taken so long to respond. One thing that I did want to say is that all of the songs are a pleasure to watch and listen to, but I like “Tujya Pritiche” even more than those.

    So, AK, I agree with you totally! :) And I am happy to have introduced this one to you as well.

  4. I am a ‘natural’ V.Shantaram fan, ever since my childhood i am fascinated with his films specially NAVRANG my all time favorite one. Geet Gaya Pathhrone, Do aankhen Barah haath, etc etc all his film. Dr.Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani. all…and yes i am fan of Sandhya too.
    All songs from this film are my favorite. they are all gems, the bhupali creates magic every morning i listen to it.
    thanks , thanks, thanks..!!!
    very happy to visit this blog today….

  5. You are welcome, Avinash, and I am very happy to hear that you have enjoyed your visit to this blog so much, especially since you are a lifelong fan of Shantaram and Sandhya! I have been a fan for a much smaller portion of my life :) but, as I think you can already tell, I do like Shantaram’s films a lot, and I am definitely a Sandhya fan.

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