I would like to wish Manu Krishnan the best of luck with the annual “Remembering Ragini” event that he is organizing this weekend in Kerala. This show highlights rare photos of Ragini and the other Travancore Sisters, Padmini and Lalitha, and also features sessions dedicated to awareness about breast cancer. (Ragini died from breast cancer in 1976, at the age of 39.)

Here is a (slightly edited) excerpt from Manu’s detailed description of the event (which he also recently posted to comments on the post that I wrote for the event last year):

Organised by me, Manu J.Krishnan (BA-MSW), to be held on 14th and 15th September, 2013 at Shri. C. Achuthamenon Hall, Ernakulam, Kerala (near Ernakulam Public Library). Thrift of the show will be handed over to Pain and Palliative Care-THANAL, where women fight breast cancer.

There are videos of the Travancore Sisters shared by Mrs. Woodman Family, 250 rare photos from my collection. All the photos are self explanatory, with credit and thanks to those who had shared them. Important feature is that this show covers all the stages of Ragini. Her photos from age of 12 to 39 till her death will be displayed. Special pics include “Remi Raginim,” “Lux Ragini,” Queen Elizabeth and Padmini-Ragini during the queen’s first visit to India in 1959, first color photo of Travancore Sisters, Ragini as Cobra Girl, and a lot more. Pictures of Padmini and Lalitha are also being displayed.

There will be an audio-video show, “Dance Like Ragini,” which Manu says he is dedicating to me! (Thank you, Manu! I am honored!)

Manu has informed us that the event also includes sessions on breast cancer awareness and “support for women with breast cancer and [a] public platform on pain and palliative care with reference to breast cancer.”

This looks like an excellent event, and I wish I could have traveled to it! It must be going on right now, and I hope it is going very well.

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