Zubaida Khanum died today. I became aware of her not too long ago, and she became one of my favorite Pakistani singers. I posted a tribute to her in February, listing my ten favorite solo songs by Zubaida Khanum and one bonus duet. I still love all of those songs, and quite a few more by Zubaida Khanum, too. RIP, Zubaida.

P.S. [a couple of days later]: I have been informed that one song on the list, from Intezar, had been attributed to Zubaida erroneously. (Actually, I had attributed it to her based on a post on YouTube, and it did sound like her to me.) So, I have replaced that with a pretty newly posted song from Koel. I have also noticed that another clip is no longer accessible to me, for some reason. So, that one will probably be replaced, too.

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