I have never confirmed this beyond a couple of sources (actually, just one source named Tom, who said he had heard it from someone else), but I have generally accepted that February 4 is Cuckoo’s birthday, and this is my third Cuckoo birthday post. (My first one was an equally substantial post in 2011, and the second was a small one, with her song from Mirza Sahiban, posted in 2013.)

This time around, I picked some scenes because they were less familiar to me than a lot of other Cuckoo songs and dances, but a couple of others below are standards that I know and love. (It is, of course, easy to find plenty of both, because there were so many great Cuckoo scenes – during a pretty limited time, unfortunately…)

Here’s to Cuckoo!

P.S. I have noticed that a couple of clips in the 2011 post are missing, and one of them is the famous dance that I have screen-capped for the present image header. I will replace those missing clips shortly, probably while it is still Cuckoo’s birthday.

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