2 comments on “Thoughts on Kala, Track by Track

  1. I saw M.I.A. last night the David Letterman show. She did “Paper Planes” and was wearing a UPS delivery uniform (brown shirt, brown shorts), with gold sneakers. :) It was a pretty cool look.

    It was good. If you missed it I’m sure the video will be online soon, if it isn’t already.

  2. Thanks. asfo_del. Right now, the video can be found here:


    I thought it was pretty good, but most people think it didn’t do her justice, and some people who really like her even thought it was terrible…for a few reasons. Mainly, there was a very bad sound mix. And part of the reason for that is that the song was CENSORED. Certainly, M.I.A. was not happy about that, either. It’s interesting to see that… Normally, the song is punctuated by gun shots, but the Letterman Show said they didn’t want to broadcast the gun shots . So, when the cue came for the gun shots (“All I want to do is…”) and another sound came out, M.I.A. turned around sharply to the DJ and looked, well, pretty pissed. (It was pretty clear to me on the video, but of course, I knew to look for that moment…)

    The last lines were also dropped, for whatever reason.

    So, it wasn’ the song in all its glory, but I still liked it. And it was an interesting moment in music TV history. :)

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