4 comments on “The Joy of a Megha Mujra

  1. have you discovered deedaar, and her sister nargis? megha is possibly the most classically trained (or close to) of lahore’s mujrewalis. she was a major movie star, i think – but apparently pakistani filmstars don’t retire, they do mujras….

  2. Thank you for your comment on my old post about the Megha mujra! I didn’t really know that Megha is the most classically trained among Lahore’s mujrewalis, but that’s probably part of the reason I like her the most. (As you probably know, there are better Megha mujras and more classical looking ones – but I wrote this a while back, before I saw a lot of stuff.)

    I’ve seen a few by Deedar, and she is good. I’ve also seen a few by Nargis and I think I liked them, as I recall, but I find it disorienting when I see her name. I always think of Shree 420, Awara, Mother India

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