2 comments on “Changing Direction in This Blog? And a Little More “About”…

  1. Hi, Transpontine. I’ve been familiar with that quote from Natacha Atlas for a while now… What seems even worse to me than the general idea of her “backtracking” is the actual statement she made, “With the Jewish thing, it’s one of those things where someone had a grudge against me and wanted to hurt me.” I tried to put this in the context that would be least offensive, as there are a few ways to interpret why she said this:

    1. She now thinks that being called Jewish is an insult. (This is unlikely, I think.)
    2. She felt that this was the result of a “grudge” because the alleged Jewish heritage could undermine her popularity with the Arab audience that she wanted to reach on the basis of her being a Muslim, speaking for Islam or something like that… However you look at that, though, no, it’s not good. Is it worse to exhibit a prejudice or to show that you are pandering to other people’s prejudices? Oops, big slip-up for Natacha Atlas.
    3. The grudge was something broader, and this was part of it. As Bob from that blog said, maybe it was a matter that she was upset about all these claims being made about her identity (and the general feeling that people were out to hurt her). That would be the most favorable interpretation, but..

    Whatever the case, yes, that comment was a “negative,” as a couple of people said.

    But it’s hardly enough for me to renounce my appreciation of Natacha Atlas. I appreciate her for her music and the things she’s said in her songs (where I could understand them or see a translation) and the efforts that she has made to send a genuinely felt anti-war message to the world (as well as calls specifically for Jews and Muslims in the Middle East to stop fighting and her statement that the two groups are “brothers”). Also, I started appreciating her music a long time ago, back when she encouraged the part-Jewish idea. So maybe I should just renounce her more recent music? No, I don’t think so…

    I like the comment by Gibson Block that interviewing isn’t always what musicians and actors do best, so maybe we shouldn’t always pay attention to their interviews. Though I don’t think that, as Radmila said, she generally comes off in interviews as “an ass.”

    In fact, I recently saw a pretty good interview with her and thought of posting it here. Maybe I will dig it up soon…


    P.S. I checked out the earlier post on her… Thank you for the mention there.

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