3 comments on “An M.I.A. (and Timbaland) Appropriation That Not Many People Know About

  1. Thanks, but I didn’t just come up with that on my own. I heard the reference in a conversation in one of the “Southside” (as in South Indian) episodes of the Bollywood show at the Internet radio station called Desi Hits. (To listen to that show, you can start here: http://desihits.com/channel/bollywood and click one of the “Southside” links. But I can’t say which specific one, or when exactly I heard iit – I was I listening on a cmoputer at work at the time, so my eyes were focused on other things.) It did take me a little time and effort to get the spelling of the movie right, search for the clip, etc.

  2. Hi, I’ve just started listened to this song and I noticed the use of the song from Anniyan. Thought I’d check if anyone else noticed!

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