3 comments on “Bollywood Clip: Jayshree T., Kaun Hoon Main

  1. GREAT! Now I know about Jayshree T., thanks to you Ridhard. This will result in me trying to find movies with her and clips on youtube like this one:

    The bollywood onion has so many layers to peel back. The addiction continues!

  2. And Also I haven’t seen Patthar Aur Payal, but now that I see Hema, Dharmendra and Vinod Khanna are in it I must see it! I love Vinod as the bad guy here:

  3. Sitaji, I am happy to have introduced you to Jayshree T. This was quite an accidental find on my part . I am very impressed by her dancing; there are moves in the Patthar Aur Payal clip that are not like anything I’ve seen before. (I love the way she demonstrates how she can be a fire – so much there in, what, seconds?)

    I also greatly enjoyed the clip that you posted with Vinod as the evil tyrant. (Some good lines there…)

    The Jayshree T. clip that you linked to is really nice (even if the translation in the subtitles could probably use a bit of work?)… I had seen that one before and it was nice to see it again… Of course, I loved the beautiful singing from Lata Mangeshkar too. (Hmm, maybe I‘ll get that compilation – or something like it…)

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