4 comments on “Gypsies of Rajasthan

  1. Queen Harish, thank you for commenting here!

    Glad to have links to all your sites and the other two (very good) resources.

    By the way, I had heard that a number of people in Musafir had moved on to become Maharaja. The one video out there is nice, hope there are more soon. (There is a little live YouTube footage, actually of Musafir, but, not very good…)

    And still, it is a little confusing trying to figure out the changes in/from Musafir. (All of Maharaja were in Musafir but not all of Musafir, especially the earlier version(s), became Maharaja.)

    Anway, I’ll get back to these links in the future. (The Colleena page especially has a whole lot of stuff to get to.)

  2. Musafir started as a Gypsy roadshow concept for distribution in streettheater and worldmusic festivals worldwide, while MAharaja was made to explore sacred music/sufi in its marketing concept and was looking forward to a more “serious music” stage exposure.

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