4 comments on “Hmm, I Think I’m Finally Beginning to Have Second Thoughts About Eating Beef…

  1. good for you… it takes about 100 people’s worth of food to acquire one persons worth of beef. at huge costs to the water supply, too. it’s a personal choice, like music, religion or sexual preference, but i think it is one with fairly direct impact on others. on the other hand, grass-grazing by healthy cattle is actually good for the soil. the problem in america is the volume of beef production is huge, and the conditions are merciless.

    anyway, nice video, nice site and very nice title of site. i love boots riley and lata mangeshkar. i heard this mangeshkar darshan cd every night at this ashram and it ruled.

    by the way, to be fair, i think my blog belongs in the mostly about other stuff category. music is my biggest section, but it isn’t a majority. peace, james.

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