15 comments on “Music Meme: Seven Songs

  1. Fantastic selection – and fantastic words to go with ’em. I’ll delve into these deeply over the next few days!

    Transpontine: you’ve been tagged twice now, at both your blogs. Are you going to comply?

  2. Hi, James. I’m wondering if I should send out notes when I tag (when I can)… I just assume people find the tag when they check their stats (that’s how I always find them). Unless you don’t check stats. Wow, that would be strange (imagine having a blog and not checking stats – that’s unthinkable to me!)

    And thanks for the link to that “Metafilter” post. It looks as though there’s a lot of stuff to check out in those links, especially with all the comments. I’m going to have to set aside some time for that.

    By the way, I’m a little confused by the comment about the “bhangra query.” It seems to be linked to the “Metafilter” site too, but are you referring to a query that you sent me?

    I’m asking because you posted an e-mail asking for my e-mail address so that you could ask me a question… And I sent the e-mail to you, but I didn’t get any question back. Did something get lost?

  3. Bob, compliment much appreciated. :) By the way, I forgot that Transpontine had another blog at which someone might have tagged him. Though I double-checked all your tags and I see that you hadn’t tagged him – unless I missed something…

    It gets a bit confusing when you try to follow all the tags, doesn’t it? Though I see you’re good at that – glad that I helped you to discover Thunder and Lightning. That’s a good one!

  4. Oooh! I’ve been tagged! Sorry for not seeing it sooner – I’ve been out of the country the past two weeks. Will get to it sometime this week!


  5. Hello, Helen. Thank you for answering so soon after you got back. Being out of the country is an impressive excuse. :) (Though I knew that you had been, since I saw it in your blog.) I’ve hardly even been leaving my apartment – even if I have been traveling in my mind.

  6. Geez, I go away for a few days and my blog starts doing stuff by itself! I was reading an article a while ago about how, many times, our e-self is doing so much better socially than we are because we tend to build an idealized image of ourselves and, since everyone else is doing the same and they are aware of being caught in the web, they accept the illusion and play along.
    Therefore, I virtually thank you for the e-tag and I’m looking forward to digitally respond to it in the next few days.

  7. Hi, Anda. I’m glad that you’ll be doing this too – the “tag” part of the game is going better than I expected (so far). And you’re (virtually?) welcome.

    My e-self is doing socially better right now because it tends to do socially well in the relatively controlled forum of presonal blogs. But in e-mail conversations or debates on listervs and that sort of thing, though my e-self sometimes has been popular, it’s gone through phases of being highly unpopular. One possible reason for that is that I articulate more in writing than I do in person – which naturally could have either positive or negative results. But I don’t think that has as much to do with a general tendency of virtual reality versus “real” reality (and creating idealized images, etc.) as it has to do with writing versus in-person conversation.

  8. Finally got round to putting up seven songs, decided to do just the one at my Transpontine blog rather than at the HIMAN one. The Transpontine blog deals with my localist South East London interests, though I did find a link to M.I.A. – if you follow the Afrikan Boy links there’s a link to a Spike Jonze film of her visiting Afrikan Boy at his flat in Woolwich (SE London) – have you seen that?

  9. Hi, Transpontine. Glad to see your list, and it is very interesting, as I expected.

    Yes, I saw the Spike Jonze film a few months ago; it was quite amusing. By the way, the M.I.A. gossip pages said that she was “dating” Spike Jonze for a short while, but she dropped that when she went on tour.

    Happy, of course, to see that you’ve got “Paper Planes” at the top of your list. I still think it’s a great song, though I’ve burnt out on it.

    I’ve had to drift away from Kala for now, though its influences on this blog are so obvious – could be the album that changed my life. :)

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