5 comments on “A Great Movie for Unemployed People With Master’s Degrees (and anyone trying to live in this world with a conscience)

  1. Thanks for that link Richard! I am in love with Kamal Haasan after only seeing him in one movie before: Saagar


    I think that Saagar was suppsed to be all about DImple Kapadia and Rishi Kapoor’s characters, but I was too busy falling in movie love with Kamal to notice them. :) I know his movie Dasavatharam is coming to the theater here in Minneapolis soon, but doubt it will be translated with English subtitles until the DVD comes out, but I may have to just go see it to see him on the big screen. And of course I also love Sridevi, so this link is appreciated!

    All the best,

  2. Hello, Sita-ji (hyphen…have to remember the hyphen there. :) ). I am happy to hear that I linked you to a movie that you want to view. Kamal Haasan does seem pretty cool, and I really should catch Saagar myself sometime (soon). (As for Sridevi – yes, another great South Indian actress… And in movies like Varumaiyin Niram Sivappu , it’s clear that she was great even before she was technically an adult.)

    Movie love is a funny thing; it *will* make a person watch an entire movie without understanding a word that’s being said. (Or, maybe just understanding a word here and there if they throw out a couple of English lines.)

    I was pleased, though, to discover that Rajshri.com actually had a few Padmini movies *with* subitles. On Friday night, I went there for Adhiparasakthi, the 1971 movie in which Padmini plays a great goddess. Some of this movie is a bit wildly fantastic (to say the least), but Padmini is always perfectly convincing as a great goddess.

    By the way, when I included that strange movie scene at the top of this blog, I couldn’t help thinking that I really am taking after Bollywood Food Club now. (Except you actually know what movies you are taking your scenes from.) But there seemed no other way to go at this point; a record player just won’t do.

    Oh, well, if this is imitation(?), I hope you take it as flattery.

  3. LOL, I don’t actually know much about many of the movie I post, jsut lately that been the trend. I tried to watch Rahgan and got 1/2 way through, but kept getting bumped off the site after that. I want to finish this movie though. I thought of you and Shobana when I got thsi comment today on my blog:

    “Obviously shobhana is the best among all these…and the Original has to be
    always better than all the remakes..so malayalam version is the best..no doubt
    about it. No one can beat it, no matter how much ever times they remake it and
    whoever stars in them. and the movie can actually be watched in Youtube by
    searching as below:


    Here’s the link to the beginning of the movie and the quality is excellent, but there are no subtitles, but that won’t stop you. : )


  4. Damn, sorry about all those typing errors in the last post, just typing too fast! I’m not as stupid as that typing reflects. LOL

  5. No need to apologize, even if am a proofreader (or was)…

    Of course, WordPress does have a function with which you can edit all comments, even other people’s, so if you’re really embarrassed, I can clean the typos up. : )

    And thanks for the link… Checked it out briefly, the picture does look good!

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