4 comments on “M.I.A. at McCarren Pool, Williamsburg, Bklyn, 6/6/08

  1. Hi, Helen. Yeah, it looks like a good gig. I might have gone had I not hesitated too long in getting the tickets (too long being not very long at all, because if you hesitate at all when an M.I.A. show is announced in New York, you’re not going to get tickets – unless you want to deal with the costs and hassles of scalpers, etc.).

    I’d already seen her twice in the past year, and the time that I saw her at an outdoor venue in Brooklyn last summer, it was for free, so it’s not that big a deal missing this one.

    I am a little bothered by the higher prices, and by the fact that she’s playing exclusively for rich people at a MoMA show (whether or not that is also going to a good cause). I always expected M.I.A. to “Pull Up The People” with at least some shows that are low-cost or no-cost, and to play especially for people who are not part of an elite set.

    I guess I wouldn’t make the same demands of, say, the stars of Bollywood, but the M.I.A. persona did create certain expectations.

    Though that shouldn’t stop anyone from still appreciating her music.

    Anyway, thanks for the sympathy re. the job loss. It wasn’t much of a job (really just a long-term “permatemp” assignment with no benefits), but without anything happening now and the Unemployment winding down soon, it is starting to look a bit scary. :(

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