6 comments on “Some Good (Bollywood-Related) Finds

  1. I’ve been to Papy Potage, but had forgotten about that site until now. Thanks for the reminder. I LOVE Philip’sfil-ums site! I’ve even written him emails (his university address is linked in there somewhere) and he’s kind enough to respond. I hope he’s OK in the flood that’s going on there now.

    You’re right about his reviews being accessible and I enjoy the historical and cultural information he includes along with enjoyment and humor. Now I want to see Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai, thanks for hipping me to it.

  2. great roundup of Bollywood sites – thanks! I actually never thought to watch them on YouTube; I live in nyc, about 7 blocks from the Indian/Pakistani section on Lex in the upper 20s. there’s TONS of video stores there. And jackson heights is not too far via subway either. Also, a theatre on 3rd and 12th plays one new Bolllywood film a week. but YouTube is way cheaper! LOL

    anyway, I am a Bollywood fan but don’t know much about the history prior to the 90s, so this is all good info here for me. thanks!

  3. Hi, Sita-ji. Glad to hear that you’ve been a fan of Philip’sfil-ums too. He’s already written me a kind comment on my “About…” page, so I’m assuming he’s done OK in the flood… And I’m happy to have hipped you to Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai. I hope I’ll get to see the actual film too, soon – it’s definitely not out in its entirety on YouTube (even if there are so many great clips from it there), so I guess I’ll have to start looking in the library or the Golden Hits Bollywood store.

  4. Hi, Ellen9; nice to hear from you, it’s been a while. You know I left a comment on your blog regarding the Wire post (I did remember them very well, and I did catch some of their show at the South St. Seaport), but for some reason my comment never showed up.

    Yeah, I recall you mentioning sometime back that you lived near those stores in the 20s, the first time I talked about going to the stores 10 blocks from me in Jackson Heights. I never thought, when I first moved here, that I’d become totally addicted to Bollywood and Kollywood films but would be going to the stores relatively infrequently and watching so much online. :)

    I didn’t know that the place at 3rd and 12th plays one new Bollywood film a week! I saw U Me Aur Hum there a couple of months ago. That was a mixed experience, not to get too much into it now, but… I couldn’t believe they wanted something like $11.50 or $12 admission for the film. And the film was not my favorite as Bollywood goes. It was an effective enough tear-jerker (well, I was feeling kind of depressed to begin with anyway) and the acting was pretty good, and the love story themes were kind of touching, especially near the end. But I wasn’t that crazy about the music (the best song by far, IMO, was that acapella version that they did of “Chalte Chalte” from Pakeezah) the first half really did kind of drag, and the plot had some of the most unsurprising “surprises” I’ve seen in a long time.

    I am glad I’m informing people about older movies – I think I am becoming part of the “old is gold” crowd… I really like the films from the ’50s (or even late ’40s) through the ’70s. I like some from the ’90s, but I just haven’t been as charmed by the ones I’ve seen that were made in the 2000s. I’ve mentioned this somewhere else, but… It’s kind of ironic that I started out this blog praising the newest, most cutting-edge global electronic dance music and I’ve gotten to a point where I’m happier finding Bollywood films from a time before I was born. (Though some of that new electronica does dig into pretty old film music for remixes, etc. M.I.A. went back to 1980, Bally Sagoo remixes stuff from 1954… )

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