10 comments on “Another Place for Bollywood Movies in New York City: 28th and Lex

  1. RICHARD! Tonight I was out for a friend’s birthday and met a young south Indian woman, who I of course accosted with all India filmi related subjects. Guess what she pronounced correctly for me? One guess about whose name I didn’t know until tonight I was pronouncing wrong: Padmini. Darn those Tamilians for stressing the first syllable! Okay, I also learned I was saying Joythika incorrectly too. When talking with Hindi and tamil speakers, trying to prnounce movie titles, I am very used to them saying “Oh you mean _____?” And they say the French get offended over pronounciation mistakes! Too funny that I learned the correct pronunciation of Padmini tonight too. :)

  2. P.S. Forget $20 for the movie, too much. You’re right, go to the library. Your NYPL LEO system says there are 470 “Feature Films–India.” That’s fantastic! I always think the library sort of takes the edge of taxes.

  3. For example, there’s a movie there in you r NYPL system called “Devi The goddess” from 1960, that’s #3 of 470. I bet that’s great! I’m jealous of the New York collection.

  4. Dammit, your system even has “Mere Naam Joker,” which I can’t even find to buy! Very jealous! Plus, as I look over this great collection I see multiple copies and few to no holds! In Minneapolis/ Hennepin there are often 20-100 “holds” for movies. You have paradise at your fingertips, for free!

  5. Sorry, 1 last important point. You will most likely be able to have material sent to a branch near your home for free. I noticed that the request form online for the LEO system looks similiar to the intra-library loan system I use, in which I have them sent to my closet library, which is a free service.

  6. Thank you Sita-ji, for all the advice and comments. And so fast, that I was still writing and revising the post while you were sending them (and still am doing so actually :-).

  7. That business about the Padmini pronunciation is just uncanny :) . This guy was also correcting my pronunciation of the first “i,” which I was saying too much like the second “i.” (I suspect my pronunciation error was even worse than yours!)

    I’m glad that you were able to find the right search in the NYPL – I remember last time, there was something going wrong with your search. But you found plenty of stuff this time…

    Strangely, though, Queens has a separate library from the NYPL. When I checked that listing, it had a good number too. I could go to either because I end up going into Manhattan a lot.

    Well, clearly, I have some research to do.

    And thanks for confirming that $20 is way too much. Thought I was being a bit of a cheapskate for a moment…

  8. Oh, yeah, re. Mera Naam Joker… You can see a third or a half of that on YouTube. The woman who had posted it stopped after that. She said she was posting from Pakistan with a dialup connection and it was just too difficult. Well, that was frustrating… But at least I got to see a few scenes with you know who!

  9. the only ironic thing about this posting is where the guy talks about most of the stores closing, while multiple parties are mentioning the prices being too high … ??? see a connection? that could be anything from “youre cheap” to ” if they lowered the prices they would make more sales all around ”

    hard to tell which is right !

  10. Hi. Thanks for commenting on this old post. The post is seven and a half years old, and the most recent P.S. is close to a year and a half old. Unfortunately, in the past two years, almost all of the stores where I used to get DVDs in Jackson Heights have closed or stopped selling DVDs. (I should write an update on that sometime.) Out of eight stores where I could find a lot of Golden Age DVDs just three years ago, there is only one left that is still selling DVDs, and it replaced half of its stock of DVDs with luggage. And in Jackson Heights, the prices for DVDs were often very low.

    The problem is clearly not that they weren’t selling the DVDs for a low enough price. The first problem everywhere is rent. The second problem is that technology has changed so that people are not buying DVDs as much anymore – especially not in stores – because everyone is encouraged to get movies online.

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