7 comments on “Farah Ezekiel

  1. Wonderful subject for a post! I love, love, love Nadira and am completely fascinated by her, though I don’t know very much more about her than what you’ve said here. She did have quite a few vamp roles along the lines of her deliciously horrible *Shree 420* character. Have you seen Merchant-Ivory’s *Bombay Talkie*? She has a creepy, compelling role in that, as a lascivious washed-up movie star.

  2. Thanks, Carla – Good to hear that you’re a big fan of Nadira. I think she was great in Shree 420. I haven’t seen her in much else yet… Haven’t seen Bombay Talkie either, but I intend to sometime soon.

  3. Nadira ended up playing the evil stepmother type in quite a few films. One of my favorites of those is Swayamvar (1980) (there’s a post on my blog about it ;-).

  4. There is this wonderful song picturised on her: Kuch aur zamana kehta hai (The world is asking me to do, which is different than what my heart wishes. Shal I agree to the world or listen to my heart)
    I just discovered there are two great videos of this song on you tube. one is here:

  5. Thank you, Harvey – that song is beautiful. There are several copies of it on YouTube; this one is a better clip (especially in sound quality):

    It’s nice to see Nadira in this scene, though I guess the most credit should go to Anil Biswas and his wife Meena Kapoor (and whoever wrote the lyrics?)…

    By the way, since I wrote this post a couple of years ago, I did see Aan, which would have to be considered Nadira’s biggest moment, with a performance that was much more memorable than the film itself. :)

  6. Thanks for the link. Sure, the credits go for the song to Anil Biswas and Meena Kapoor AND Shailendra for the lyrics. I would surely love to watch this movie with Nadira and Motilal, two unconventional actors!

    At Dustedoff’ blog, pacifist reminded us of Dil Apna aur Preet Parayi, which also stars Nadira. She is simply great there playing Raaj Kumar’s manic wife. And also gives us enough scope to sympathise with her role.

    Most probably I have seen Aan in my childhood on DD, but can’t remember a thing of it. But somehow I don’t like the taming of the shrew type of stories.

  7. It seems as though it would be great to watch a movie starring those two. Though I don’t even know if I’ve seen a whole Motilal movie, but as I think you know, there are a couple I’d love to see in full, Mr. Sampat (from which I’ve seen quite a few great songs with Padmini) and Dost (from which I’ve heard quite a few beautiful Noor Jehan songs).

    I haven’t seen Dil Apna aur Preet Parayi yet, but I love the scene around the Helen dance to the Belafonte-inspired number:

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