3 comments on ““…[T]here is no place for machines that displace human labor and concentrate power in a few hands.”

  1. So glad to hear you got to see Naya Daur. I really liked the song Maange Ki Saathe Tumhara and glad you reminded me of it here. Those horse hoof beats really spice up the tune, or really make the tune. The colorized version was almost distracting with its vividness. I still have some screen caps from that film that I’d like to throw up in a post. You’ve inspired me to do that.
    All the best! :)

  2. Thanks, Sita-ji, I’m looking forward to those new screen caps!

    I like “Maang Ke Saath Tumhara” too (more so than the other song I included – which I put in more for the antics and dancing – though the music in that is certainly all right). This scene actually reminded me of a musical scene in the Tamil film Uthama Puthiran, which came out the following year. That one featured Padmini and her sister Ragini. And, of course, there was at least one horse-and-carriage song with Hema Malini in Sholay. (Hmm, I have to wonder, is there some cultural association that makes it more likely for women from the southern part of India to be filmed in a horse-and-carriage song?)

    I don’t know if the other songs make so much use of the horse hoof beats, though. I’m thinking that the Tamil film might make some use of them, but unfortunately, the clip has disappeared from YouTube and it will take some time to sift through the whole movie somewhere…

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