5 comments on “I Voted For This One As the Best Bollywood Movie Soundtrack of the 1950s (well, not out of everything, but still a tough decision)

  1. The songs fit the movie so perfectly too, and the lyrics are pure poetry by Sahir Ludhianvi. Good choice!

  2. Thanks for the nod :) , and for mentioning the lyricist. I neglect to say who writes the lyrics; I guess most people do. The lyrics do look great, from what I’ve seen in subtitles.

  3. Sita-ji, you are welcome – very happy to give any helpful tips to the person who first tipped me off about Naya Daur!

    By the way, not sure if you saw Howrah Bridge, but some of that O.P. Nayyar music is very reminscent of Naya Daur…including the cabbie wedding clip that I posted the other day (“Gora Rang Chunariya”). I think you would also appreciate the lyrics, which are strangely relevant to a little conversation that went on at Bollywood Food Club recently…

  4. yes Richard! I must add Howrah Bridge to my “to watch” list.
    And I picked up on the comment from “Gora Rang Chunariya” related to our discusion of lady dacoits….”I’m related to a gangster, he taught me to steal.” LOL

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