4 comments on “A Swinging Song from Nagina (1951)

  1. Thank you for correcting my Hindi. :) Actually, I was thinking of the title to a movie that I saw with one of my favorite South Indian actresses doing incredible snake dances… No, not Nagin with Vyjayanthimala (though I certainly love what I’ve seen from that and will have to find the whole movie somewhere), but Nagina, with Sridevi. Maybe Nagina involved a gemstone too, but I really don’t remember the plot too well; I only remember Sridevi and her snake dances.

  2. I just watched this movie, had seen your post here on this song some time ago so looked for the film…this one is picturized on Gope and Mohana…I see it seems to have disappeared from youtube :(

  3. Thanks for alerting me about this, Memsaab. I knew that Tom had this up at Dailymotion, so I replaced it here…and then I glanced at your site and saw that you had found Tom’s clip too. I will read your writeup soon. BTW, these days, of course, I know that this is Gope and Mohana. And after watching Patanga a couple of months ago, I think I could spot Gope in anything. :)

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