5 comments on “An Excellent Find: Kala Bazar (1960)

  1. I think Vijay Anand is my favorite director of all time. He made films like this one, and Nau Do Gyarah, and then films like Bullet and Johnny Mera Naam! Genius!

  2. Really! The whole movie!!! The print is unusually good for you tube, too. Hope the rest of the movie came up to your expectations! Its one of my favorites – especially the soundtrack. And the song you’ve selected is so deliciously worded – the way Dev manages to convey his message to Waheeda and at the same time convince her parents that its a lament to the almighty is super!

  3. Bollyviewer, it definitely came up to my expectations – one of my favorites too now. Yes, it is very interesting the way the words work. And I love the music and Rafi’s voice… I hope to be posting more about this film soon. (I may do something in between, but I want to get back to it.)

  4. Memsaab,

    I responded to your comment earlier, but that comment disappeared…

    Yes, I have to watch more Vijay Anand movies.

    Tere Mere Sapne (the 1971 one, that is) is waiting for me on the sale rack in the store on 28th Street in Manhattan. Actually, I first got interested in that movie a number of months ago, not because of Vijay Anand, but because of a great dance by Jayshree T. I almost bought it last Monday, but I was intent on buying only one CD that day, and my heart was set on Howrah Bridge. (Haven’t even had a chance to watch that one yet – though I previewed some more of the cabaret acts – how could I resist?) Anyway, yes, Tere Mere Sapne is coming up sometime soon…

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