3 comments on “Curry In A Hurry – Bland Curry, Hot Videos

  1. hey, that’s my stomping grounds! and I couldn’t agree more about Curry in an Hurry.

    For that way too tasty hole in the wall flavor, try Curry and Curry, on 33rd off lex toward Third. All the young cool girls go to Roomali, also off Lex toward Third, for lunch, and the oft-closed Bhavan Dosa Hut is popular, too. The area’s top unch buffet choice is Chennai Garden; tho’ Tiffin Wallah ($1 cheaper!) is giving it a run for its money.

    and do you ever buy videos in that area? I buy stuff at Kalustyan’s but not videos!

  2. Hi, Ellen 9. Kulastyan’s is the spice store with the little Middle Eastern kitchen upstairs, right? In a post not too far back, I talk about eating mujadara sandwiches at Kalustyan’s and eventually buying videos from the video store that I could see out the window of Kalustyan’s, across the street:


    (Unfortunately, I can’t remember or determine the name. The big sign says something about Hindi and Tamil videos…)

    Surprisingly, I’ve come to like that store as a source of videos more than the places in Jackson Heights. I was originally impressed by the places in Jackson Heights as sources of low-priced contemporary bhangra and that sort of thing, but this place on 28th and Lex seems to have the best stock of really old classic Bollywood movies, or at least the stock that is most easily found. And I find it relaxing to browse around in there, and the guys working there have been nice and helpful too. (Not things I can say about all the places I’ve been in in JH, unfortunately.) So, I’ve really settled on that place for old movies now.

    I also ended up going there a few times recently because I was getting a pretty good amount of temp work for a few weeks, and my temp agency was on 23rd Street between Second and Third. So I would pick up my paycheck and then walk over to 28th and Lex to spend just a little of it… Unfortunately, the spell of regular work seems to be over for now (back to the “drawing board”?) so I’ll be less inclined to go to that store so often, but I’ll still be going there, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for the tips on the curry places!

  3. ah, cool. yup, that’s Kalustyan’s. I do love the upstairs lunch there.

    I share your urge to search in nameless little shops for obscure Indian media, tho’ i’m on the audio rather than video tip. I’ll remember that about the place ‘cross from Kalustyans.

    I was in Singapore a coupla years ago, and the Indian neighborhood there just about blew my mind. first off, they are notoriously loose about copyright – be it software, video, audio – in Singapore, but even buying strictly legal the selection was, literally, mind-blowing. My husband and I bought stuff there that I didn’t see in the US til months later.
    Ah, singapore . . . I’ll content myself with Curry HIll and Jackson Heights for now.
    btw: all suggetions re; JH eating spots eagerly noted.

    and now back to newer posts and new video and song finds. . .

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