3 comments on ““Tell me just this, oh beauty. Who taught you to steal?”

  1. I think it’s too bad Minoo Mumtaz has kind of faded into the background. She was really a great dancer. This is a wonderful film and the songs….fab. Of course I love Chin Chin Chu the most :-)

  2. Yes, “Meera Naam Chin Chin Chu” is the best – and one of the best songs/cabaret acts in any Bollywood movie, for that matter. There’s another song I’ll be posting next that reminded me a lot of “Chin Chin Chu”… The song I posted here reminded me of a couple of songs in Naya Daur. And you could even hear similarities to “Chin Chin Chu” in that Johnny Walker song in Naya Daur. With O.P. Nayyar, I’m beginning to recognize how he basically borrowed from himself :) from one movie to the next. I guess he knew when he had found a good thing and liked to reuse it – but that’s OK, because all his music was so good!

    I agree, Howrah Bridge was just a wonderful film. I love all the cabaret acts and item numbers and a lot of the movie was so great visually… There were some great stars in this movie too – but in that final scene – wow – I think the biggest star was Howrah Bridge!

  3. Loved that tune Richard!
    “your colorful turban I’m fond of my heart you stole.”
    Great lyrics! And I like the part where she says “I’m related to a gangster he taught me to steal.”
    Have to get this film. Thanks!

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