7 comments on “Amar Deep (1958)

  1. Just looking at Johnny Walker makes me laugh, although the thing that I still ff through the most when I watch Hindi films is the “comic side plot.” They are largely lost on me. But Pran…I will watch this just for Pran.

  2. …And I’ve heard he’s even a nice guy in real life! :)

    You might both be interested in this (if you don’t know about it already):


    The site’s a little incomplete, though. For one thing, the film list may be impressive, but it leaves a few things out – including this one (not listed in the 1950s section), and everything between 1980 and 2000 (the section is there, but is left blank -or maybe just doesn’t load in my browser). I guess the book that the site is promoting came out in 2004(?)…

  3. The book is just awesome. I think it whitewashes some of Pran’s life, but hey if your bio can’t do that then what can?

  4. I just finished watching this one and inspite of the high melodrama quotient, ended up enjoying it quite a lot too, especially the songs. I wont call Dev’s the central character, though. The central characters are very much the two heroines, he is just there to provide some male eye candy and some conflict! lol

    And I agree with all the points you raise in your review, except for your assessment of Johnny Walker’s role. He gets the funniest dialogues in a comic side plot that is, for once, quite funny. The subtitles flatten out his jokes, (I watched with subtitles on, so I know) and all you probably got were his eyebrow-wiggles! For example, at one point, when asked about amnesiac Dev’s address, he says that even God is constantly making the rounds of the post-office in quest of his (Dev’s) address (it DOES sound quite funny in Hindi, especially the way Walker says it), while the subtitles just said “I dont know the address”!

  5. Bollyviewer, thank you for the comments, and for your agreement on most points. :) Re. the Johnny Walker role… Well, I wrote this post close to a year ago and I have gotten to appreciate him in quite a few roles since, so if I watched this film again now, I might give his comedy here a warmer reception. On the other hand, if the best lines are lost on me due to inadequate subtitles, there’s not much I can do about that, at least until the day that I really know Hindi (which might be quite a while from now)…

  6. Heehee, I have to get this movie now! (For Dev, if not anyone else.) Yours and Bollyviewer’s reviews made me roll off the bed laughing, and I agree 100% of your description of Ashok. What is it with him and losing his memory (Seriously, Dev? I should’ve seen this before Jewel Thief, then I wouldn’t have died when the big twist came), anyway? Will comment once I’ve seen it! :D

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