3 comments on “Here Are Some Good Sources on Bharatanatyam

  1. Hey Richard, this a nice way of letting people know about this divine art form. I have been blogging on bharatanatyam for quite sometime and the blog aims at providing Bharatanatyam lessons online. Do visit our new site http://onlinebharatanatyam.com/ and let me know on how we can improve.

  2. So nice to see all these Bharat Natyam links. The only professional I have ever watched live is Sonal Mansingh, and she was brilliant. Although Odissi is what she is supposed to be best at, I saw her give a didactic performance on Bharat Natyam and that was good!

    Sigh..another blog world to keep up with!

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for your post about my blog http://natyavidya.wordpress.com . I have not found much time to update my blog. Your post has inspired me to keep my blog updated so that those who seek information about Bharata Natyam can find it in my blog.
    Please feel free to offer your suggestions. I would also like to know more about you.

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